It's all about the beverage can!

What do you do with a can when it's empty and what happens afterwards with it? Do you think its story is over then? We tell you that's by far not all! Have a look on this website to find out!
We, the Association of European producers of beverage cans for Central and Eastern Europe provide you with lots of exciting facts and answers you might never expected!




It definitely was a swing time on Pohoda 2015. Read more: Pohoda 2015


Let's rock and roll on Rock for People or Bažant Pohoda festival! Show us how you recycle beverage cans. Upload your recycling pictures on Instagram with hashtag ‪#‎canstarter‬.


Join the CANstarter. Support recycling, vote for the best moving object made out of cans and win the tickets for Bažant Pohoda and Rock for People festivals.

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