Beverage can recycling - How it works

Basic philosophy

In 2011 only 60 % of the produced packaging waste in Czech Republic (72 %) and Slovak Republic (45 %) were recollected and recycled. What do you think happens with the remaining 40 %? Unfortunately people still throw their packaging waste out of the window  - worst case! - instead of returning it for metal recycling to the collection bin and by this allow a new product to be produced, may it be a laptop, or a window frame or ... again a beverage can.



This is why we want YOU to rethink! Thinking about what you really need before going shopping already helps the environment. Do you really need everything on your list?

Also keep in mind:

  • “The less, the better” – Choose a product that is packed in the least extensive packaging available
  • Strive for buying products, that is packaged in recycled materials
  • Avoid overpackaged products
  • Don’t buy disposable products (ex: paper plates)
  • Take a bag with you and avoid buying new bags
  • After consumption, collect valuable materials selectively, thus protect the environment, save resources and energy.
  • Don’t accept flyers you are not interested in or at least don’t throw them away until you can dispose it selectively.


Let’s recycle! After an emptied packaging or product can not be further used, it needs to be recycled thus having packaging or something else manufactured from it. We save energy by doing this way and protect the environment from the emissions during manufacturing.


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